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Companies we've trained

80% of workers feel high stress at their jobs

With pressure and emotions high, workers experience creativity blocks, communication breakdowns, and it's not hard to see why.

Stress directly inhibits performance.

- Harvard Business Review, 2016

It turns out that 40% of employees say they need help managing their stress, too. Studies show that experiencing stress is responsible for a direct loss of 1 hour of productivity per employee per day. This amounts to companies losing the entire productivity of 1 in 10 people a year.

Emotionally resilient teams transform stress and outperform the rest.

Companies who have emotional intelligence training integrated into their culture have the highest performing teams. That is because your EQ enables your team to transform emotional blocks into powerful productivity. A huge amount of energy is bound up in emotions. Are your emotions helping you get your work done? Or are they making it harder? Without a emotional intelligence skillset, the average person loses 1 hour to anxious thoughts a day. For companies, this is 1 in 10 salaries lost a year. What if that power could be taken back? With these trainings, it can.

We believe organizations have a role to play.

With the power to help thousands of people through the implementation of 1 training, we recognize every organization as a gateway for emotional mastery. Employees will come to love your company not just because of healthcare, but because you actually care and effect their daily well-being. At Mindlight, we have our own set of internal standards, too. Our team believes in freedom, courage, empowering the world to feel good, and having the courage to ensure we also feel good while we do it.

Organizations that prioritize resiliency training in their employees have the highest performing workforce and the lowest turnover.

The company culture of our clients is...

High Growth

Fast Paced Change

High Stress

Intense Daily Experiences

Emotional Intelligence Centric

Accountable Interactions

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) training classes that target key outcomes.

Every program starts with our foundational EQ training

Gain personal emotional mastery

Scenarios of impact

How It Works

Maintain solid ground in any situation
Pivot from upset to unstoppable
Develop breakthrough creative capability

Then choose the focus area where your team needs an upgrade the most.


Scenarios of impact

Maintain solid ground in any situation
Pivot from upset to unstoppable
Develop breakthrough creative capability

Effectively calm upset people


Scenarios of impact

​Company-wide re-organizations
Ongoing exposure to traumatic material
High depression & associated health claims

Bounce back from emotional downs


Scenarios of impact

Innovation has come to a halt
Low morale
Required or desired increase in output

Increase productivity + creativity


Scenarios of impact

​High turnover
Weak team relationships & empathy
Lack of effective feedback mechanisms

Develop strong team relationships

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