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 “This program is the program that I wish I had when I was 18 years old and first starting my private practice. A program that would enable me to hold the whole world of my client and guide them through the most difficult moments into peak experience, from victimhood to awakened creative sovereignty”

- Founder, Lillian Moore

Learn how to masterfully work with your clients emotions. 

Core Curriculum

Become a Certified Mental Wellness Coach 

The Mental Wellness Coach Certification takes you through 4 areas of competency. These 4 areas are the back bone of all of our curriculum and will set you up to work with the whole of your client’s emotional experience. 


Become masterful and holding space for others while maintaining your personal safety and joy. 

Mentorship (40 weeks)


Learn to support your client in resolving negative emotions and permanently healing even the most intense life experiences.

Personal Trauma Recovery Training (8 weeks)
Practitioner Trauma Recovery Training (8 weeks)


Give your client the skills to consistently feel how they want to feel, be who they want to be and create their life from a place of freedom, clarity and power. 

Personal Human Potential Training (8 weeks)
Practitioner Human Potential Training (8 weeks)


Support your clients in creating healthy and fulfilling relationships from guiding them in how they relate to the other 7 billion people on the planet down and the most intimate and significant family and love relationships. 

Cultural Mindfulness (5 weeks)
Connection: Relational Work (8 weeks)

Choose 3 electives (6 weeks each)

Nutrition for Mental Wellness 

Somatic Approaches for Emotional Mastery 

Practitioner Development for New & Aspiring Practitioners
Sexuality and Emotional Wellness 

Diagnoses in Traditional Trauma Treatment 

Introduction to the Neuroscience 

Psych - Hypnosis, trancework, NLP

Self-Relational practices - Parts work, Stalking, Writing out a play

Sexuality (trauma, stigma)

Physical Pain/health


Diagnoses (Trauma Focus)

Generational Trauma (Trauma Focus)

And many more!

What makes this training different from other coach training?

From the time you enroll you will be connected with an advisor that is there to help guide your education, connect you with other students to receive sessions from, and give you professional quality sessions. You get 18 advisor hours during your 2 years in the program.

1. It's highly personalized

We keep class sizes small. 4-8 students per class so that every student gets to participate in demonstrations and gets their questions answered. 

18 weeks of your 55 weeks of training are elective so that you can dive more deeply into specific areas of interests. 

40 week mentorship enables you to get personalized support with your practice once you start seeing clients. 

Many coach training focuses on information alone. We put a high priority on giving you experience, both on the giving and the receiving of sessions. 

2. You graduate highly skilled

In addition to sessions with your advisor you will also have weekly sessions with other students who are farther along in their training.

You will graduate with a minimum of 400 clinical hours between offering sessions to fellow classmates and connecting with our network of practice clients.

You can be paid for your practice sessions so you don’t have to wait until you graduate before you start offering your work to the world. 

During your mentorship you will be observed and supported in becoming the best practitioner you can be. 

Training in cultural mindfulness is part of our core curriculum. The entire Mindlight team goes through this training as well so that the learning environment is safe for all people. 

3. We are committed to diversity

Electives for working with generational and systemic trauma are available for those focused on creating cultural shifts around prejudice and oppression. 

We hire trainers that embody our values and represent different cultures and cultural perspectives. 


- 55 weeks of in-class training
- 40 weeks of mentorship
- Classes and mentorship delivered via zoom
- 400 clinic hours giving sessions


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$9000/ year

2, 3 and 4 year payment plans available