The Heal Yourself Course

We are so happy you are here! No matter what you have been through, no matter how many things you have tried or how broken or discouraged you might feel, you can heal. And we are here to help you.

What to Expect

Major strides in an area of life that really matters to you.

Learn techniques that you can use the rest of your life to find peace, strength, and joy.

Be in a safe, consensual, and confidential group.

Be a supportive classmate and to be supported by your classmates.

Be educated not treated (this is a training and not therapy)

Get a little extra care this month.

Average of 1 hour of homework per week.‚Äč

The Program

Week One 

Choose the topic you want to heal during this training.

Get a comprehensive overview of trauma and its impact.

Learn how to generate the emotional resources to do self healing work.

Mindful Focusing
Why it works
Step by Step Process
Group Practice

Week Two

Share back and questions from the homework.

Learn the importance of a somatic component in trauma recovery.

Introduction to Tapping:
Why it works
The step by step process
Witness or participate in demonstrations of the technique with participants on their topic.

Week Three

Share back and questions from the homework.

Clarify a formative experience of trauma associated with your Topic.

Learn the Tapping technique "Story Telling"
Witness or participate in demonstrations of the technique with participants on their topic.

Week Four

Share back and questions from the homework.

Troubleshoot any obstacles in your self healing practice.

Experience and witness a technique called Matrix Re-imprinting.

This is an advanced technique that demonstrates what's possible. The exposure to it will not be sufficient to master it.



A technique that uses visualization to create emotional stability and resource for the self healing process.

Mindful Focusing

A technique that releases resistance, and cultivates safety and clarity when bringing up uncomforable or scary emotions.


A Technique that incorporates acupressure points to communicate to the body that the danger has passed. This technique is highly effective at resolving emotional upset

Matrix Reimprinting

A Technique that incorporates tapping and a profound visualization process to quickly resolve traumatic incidents gently

What's Included

Training and support to resolve one major life issue.

Techniques to use to maintain emotional hygiene and resolve trauma old and new.

1 private session with the instructor. 

Private FB group for answering questions and discussion between calls.

Email support between classes.

Eligibility for Practitioner training upon approval.


Enroll now

Tuition is $475 or 2 payments of $240

Class is limited to 6 participants
Training is delivered via video conferencing through Zoom.
Class meets 1/week for 90 mins.
Class day and time is TBA