Human Potential

A proven path for creating anything you want in your life

Level 1


In 8 weeks, learn to get in alignment with yourself, feel how you want to feel unconditionally, and create your reality from the inside out.

of participants say they feel more in alignment with themselves and their life.

say they experienced something that was previously impossible becoming a reality.



Level 1 Classes are where great practitioners begin.

We believe that in order to faciliate powerful transformations inside others, you must first experience the transformations inside yourself.

That's why all Level 1 trainings are focused on you practicing the emotional work in your own life.

From the perspective of felt experience, your power as a practitioner is deeper and wiser. You have felt the miracles. Your clients and community will feel your confidence, and will stay the course with you longer and with greater results.

This course is a prerequisite to the 2 year Mindlight Practitioner Certification program.

Catalyze a glorious and creative human experience, and be an agent of change, freedom and connection. 

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$1799 investment in an 8 week, live, life changing program

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Course Logistics

  • Meet live via zoom 90 mins/ week
  • Class size is 12 people or less

  • Private Facebook group for answering questions and discussion between calls.

  • Attend 6 Mindlight Community Labs
  • Life time access to all trainings.

What to expect in this immersive training experience

Develop a sense of self and a sense of reality that comes from your direct experience, rewriting all previous programming. Feel at home inside yourself, know your values, and create internal cohesion.

Learn how to to feel anything you want to feel -- happy, free, in love, rich -- no matter what is going on around you. Learn to disengage from your circumstances and pivot your emotional state.

Learn the process that brings our inner world into a manifested reality. Learn how your thoughts, feelings, and actions, can create the reality you want to live in.




Commitment to self means first you have to have self respect that is unconditional, whether you believe you deserve it or not. Start to operate from this commitment on a daily basis.


This course is designed for those who want to be trained to create, not those who are coming to be coached by someone else. You will become deeply educated on how the emotional system works. It takes commitment, a willingness to not be ruled by fear, and a personal practice in exploring beyond the patterns of your nervous system.

- Adriana Garcia -

"I can love and respect myself no matter what, even in the face of whatever challenge I'm in."

Meet Adriana, a Human Potential graduate

Experiential learning through personal practice

You will get instruction, handouts, and demonstrations for each technique, but the bulk of the training will be experiential, exploring real life applications of the techniques through these 3 methods:

Witness others transform

Most of us have had the experience of watching someone repeat an unwanted pattern. From the outside it’s often easy to see how that person is re-creating it. This is an opportunity to watch the trainer guide your fellow classmates out of their own traps and into what they most want to create.
Seeing this gives your nervous system a roadmap to follow into the life you most want to create.

It is also an incredible honor and privilege to witness another person’s courage, tenderness and triumph. Students develop a deep love and respect for each other.

One on one sessions

You will receive one on one sessions in class and in community labs where you will have the support of both experienced practitioners and trainers and inexperienced student practitioners. This experience teaches you nuanced understanding of how to guide yourself well, and why you get stuck when you get stuck. It also gives you the opportunity to really shift things in a way that is much easier to access with the dedicated attention of another person.

Personal practice

Throughout the program you will be playing with the techniques between classes. Our process is systematic and reproducible at the same time it is completely personal to you. You will find how to interpret the lessons in a way that will land for your system and bring home the practices to create the changes that are most meaningful to you.

You will start by developing a personal compass that keeps you in alignment with yourself. Then you will start to practice emotional states. Finally you will learn the creation process and bring it to life by creating an outcome in your life. 

Unveil for yourself the nature of reality that is beyond words or intellectual understanding. Learn to commune with Existence, yourSelf and Others through direct experience bypassing perception and belief. Create a relationship with life founded in love, trust, appreciation and enthusiasm.

Experience your potential as a human through a profound understanding of life and the dance of reality.

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$1799 investment in an 8 week, live, life changing program

Payment plans available

Graduates from this program have been able to create for themselves:

Unshakable inner fortitude


We have seen students double their income, lose their debt and get into alignment with their finances. We also have seen their wealth expand through beautiful experiences, home upgrades, and spontaneous gifts. 

Health miracles

We have seen students disappear chronic health problems and pain in minutes and achieve physical feats that were previously not possible. 

Outside the construct of race 

Create your identity regardless of any and all identities that have been assigned to you, beyond race, gender, economy, bodily attributes, personal or cultural history. You get to be who you say you are. 

Transformation in the world

Way more love

94% of our students say that they now have more love in their life. We have seen our students find their partners, start families, cultivate community, and create new relationships with people they had in their life for years. 

100% of our students say that the lives of the people around them have improved since they started the program. Many students go on to become brilliant practitioners in addition to that, people have transformed their activism, reoriented to service, and become nicer people to be around. 

Life keeps happening but we see that the HP graduates don’t get knocked down and lose everything they learned. The move through adversity with grace, creativity and start creating again. 

Want to become a practitioner?

This course is the prerequisite to applying to Mindlight Institute, where you'll become masterful at working with your client's full range of emotion.

"Human Potential invites you to explore your limitlessness. It invites you to experience, in deep alignment with your internal system, how the universe is a yes for you. This level of expanse releases you into flourishing."

- Melanie Weinberger - 

Become the creator and the grateful receiver of what comes next. 

Enroll today

$1799 investment in an 8 week, live, life changing program

Payment plans available