Nutrition for Mental Wellness

The food we bring into our bodies is more than just calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fat; it is one of the primary sources of fuel that we provide our bodies for energy: physical, mental, and emotional. The impact that food has on our bodies goes beyond our ability to create muscle, to regenerate organs, and to nourish each of our systems; it is also intricately intertwined with how we feel, how we interpret situations in our lives, and how we conceptualize the lives we wish to live. Furthermore, food reaches beyond the boundaries of the personal: it is familial, communal, cultural, and political. Food, then, is powerful--and it can be a tool that revolutionizes our mental and emotional health, as well as that of our clients. In this course, we will explore the capacity of food as both a healing agent and as an ally in the project of creating the lives that we dream of.

Course description

4 weeks

We will cover topics including but not limited to:
- Food energetics
- Food sources
- Seasonal eating
- Food and the endocrine system
- Food and emotional regulation
- Intuitive eating