Somatic Approaches for Emotional Mastery

The physical body is the vessel through which we experience our lives. As such, it has the capacity to house each of our experiences, as well as our reaction to those experiences since before birth. A growing number of studies and research in psychology and neuropsychology demonstrate that traumatic experiences are as much somatic as they are mental. Hence, the healing of those experiences must also take into consideration somatic routes. In this course, you will not only learn about somatic tools, their impact, and their application as it pertains to healing trauma but also as it pertains to building resiliency, equanimity, and joy. The use of somatic approaches is an integral tool in both the process of healing as well as the practice of creating our best life as we learn to face in the direction of our dreams and expand our human potential. 

Course description

4 weeks

Subjects covered include but not limited to:
- Breathwork 
- Body reading
- Body theory
- Posture
- Roleplaying/Embodying 
- Surrender