The Emotional Mastery Training

A free training in the  principles and applications of emotional mastery as a foundation for sovereign life design

april 14, 2021, 5:30 pm - 7pm ct

Become who you're meant to be and feel how you want to feel

Devyn Harris

“The more I take these courses, the more everything is just working. Everything in all the different aspects of my life.”

Mindlight Student

This training is for:

Anyone who feels their life is not alignment

Who keeps experiencing the same roadblock over and over

Who has a goal that continues to feel just out of reach

Who desires to increase their capacity to experience more ease and flow towards their dreams

Honor and recollect yourself from past moments

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Who know they are meant for more and are ready to claim it

In this free training we will be exploring the science of emotions, how to influence and transform your feelings regardless of your circumstances, and how to apply these techniques to any area of life to create a powerful shift.

87% of our students report seeing solutions in an area of life that previously felt impossible after this training.

Together we will recreate an area of your life that you are feeling stuck in. 

You will walk away from this training having learned to:

Target transformation in the area of life that offers the most freedom for you

Wield your emotions as tools for raw creative power

Get yourself unstuck from a problem

Feel more powerful and alive in relationship to your desire

Open up the door for creative solutions where you previously saw none

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Generate new paths that lead to your goal

"Thank you for being monumentally instrumental in my personal and professional development."

Ben Wher

Mindlight Student

It’s possible that you can have the breakthrough you want without exerting more effort, time, and hard work into it. 

Whether it’s a particular area you’re seeking alignment in like your career or relationship, or a general way of being you want to step into like having more confidence, more assertiveness, or being a stronger leader or romantic partner, The Emotional Mastery Training is designed to enable you to drop the boundaries that exist in your current path and guide you into alignment.

Gain support in becoming the generator of your life, the video game designer instead of the player. The smallest deep internal pivots create dramatic external changes in your life’s direction.

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“This is by far the most fulfilling work
I have ever done” 

Tatyana Vromon

Mindlight Student

Meet Your Trainer:

Melanie Weinberger

Melanie Weinberger is all about inner joy. A sought after public speaker, she enables transformation by helping people tap into the mastery of their minds. Prior to co-founding Mindlight, Melanie founded Wellshift, which delivered wellness programs into companies across America. Melanie is also a founder an active leader of Peace Potluck, a grassroots organization that brings communities together to facilitate local progress of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. In her additional time, she consults with companies who are ready to build their culture at a mission-driven level, and delivers Mindset Mastery coaching to leading entrepreneurs. Melanie calls Austin, TX home.

co-founder, cmo

About this training

Seats are limited
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This free training is an introduction to Mindlight’s 8 week live course
The Emotional Mastery Course
. At the end of the training we will share information about how to join the course for those who are interested in going deeper.

Emotions are the most central component to the human experience and yet most of us feel like we have no control over them.

We are here to change that.

We envision a world where people are consciously curating their emotional experience, creating peaceful communion within ones self, and enriching community connection with each other.

Our Core Values

Committed to results for our company and our customers. Impact is what we’re here for. We go into each interaction with the intention of leaving each person better than we found them. We make sure our work works, and we do what it takes to deliver transformational results.

Adventurous with the courage to try. We are here to forward a movement and change the world for the better. We are willing to do things we’ve never done before, challenge the status quo, and grow as individuals along the way. We see life as a fun opportunity to play in.

Take ownership of your reality. Our inner world creates our outer world and the way each individual experiences life is their responsibility. When something feels uncomfortable, we look within ourselves for the cause. When we want to see a change, we become the kind of person who can influence that change.

Love what we do. We are passionate about our work in the world and love to feel that passion! There is a feeling of “right place” and “commitment to change” that makes any project doable. We hone in on our individual superpowers and seek to let them shine in our roles and work every day. In this way, our work enlivens us.

Honoring individual experiences. Everyone’s reality is real. The person sitting across from you has a whole world inside them and we understand the preciousness of their personal experience. Thoughts and feelings are honored, acknowledged, and cared for. We are inclusive of the whole person no matter the time, place or circumstance.

Who is Mindlight?

“I have gone to therapy for many years but this really opened up a whole new way of seeing things for me.”

Gabrielle Ross

Mindlight Student