Trauma Integration

Emotional training to transform pain into personal freedom

Level 1

In 8 weeks, learn to gently heal even the most intense psychological and emotional wounds, creating a path to new found freedom and sovereignty you can access for the rest of your life.

- Jean-Pierre Verdijo -

“In just one session I felt a dramatic unloading. The impact of this work has been tremendous in my life as a system of healing, unpacking emotional baggage, and gaining freedom. I could not possibly recommend it more.”

Level 1 Classes are where great practitioners begin.

We believe that in order to faciliate powerful transformations inside others, you must first experience the transformations inside yourself.

That's why all Level 1 trainings are focused on you practicing the emotional work in your own life.

From the perspective of felt experience, your power as a practitioner is deeper and wiser. You have felt the miracles. Your clients and community will feel your confidence, and will stay the course with you longer and with greater results.

This course is a prerequisite to the 2 year Mindlight Practitioner Certification program.

Become skilled at healing trauma, integrating emotional wounds, and dissolving emotional patterns from the past.

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$1799 investment in an 8 week, live, life changing program

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Who we've worked with:

Course Logistics

  • Meet live via zoom 90 mins/ week
  • Class size is 12 people or less
  • Up to 4 private sessions included

  • Private Facebook group for answering questions and discussion between calls.

  • Attend 6 Mindlight Community Labs
  • Life time access to all trainings.

What to expect in this immersive training experience

Experience the arc of healing in your own body, and integrate the resilience your life experiences have to offer you. Receive the wisdom, compassion and depth from everything you've lived through. 

Gain a personal understanding of techniques that consistently resolve emotional patterns in the shortest amount of time possible. Develop an understanding of the architecture of the mind so you can design your own identity. 

Begin to orient to trauma healing as treasure hunting, finding and creating life energy to draw upon. Experience a lightness in being where there was once heaviness, in multiple areas of your life.




Address unresolved emotional moments and experiences from the very beginning of your life to your present day circumstances. Meet and integrate parts of yourself that have been left behind. 


This course is designed for those who want to be trained to heal, not those who are coming to be healed by someone else. You will become deeply educated on how the emotional system works. It is rigorous, intense, and profoundly empowering. While most of our students describe it as one of the most healing experiences of their life, it is first and foremost an educational experience.

- Devyn Harris -

"The more I take these courses, the more everything in my life is just working."

Meet Devyn, a Mindlight Institute graduate

Experiential learning through personal practice

You will get instruction, handouts, and demonstrations for each technique, but the bulk of the training will be experiential, exploring real life applications of the techniques through these 3 methods:

Witness others recover

Most of us have patterned responses when another is sharing a story of pain. Maybe we check out maybe we start thinking of all the advice we have, maybe we start relating and thinking and feeling all the similarities between their story and our own. This aspect of learning helps us to stay centered, clear those old responses and learn to come to another as a clear space.

It is also an incredible honor and privilege to witness another person’s courage, tenderness and triumph. It is no wonder to me that my students develop a deep love and respect for each other.

One on one sessions

These sessions will help you to disable your internal triggers and give you more resources to bring to sessions. It also serves to give you a felt experience of moving from stable to bringing up an upset all the way to feeling clear. The more you do this the safer and more confident you will become in the process. You will receive sessions in class and as needed throughout the 8 weeks.

Clearing your own trauma

What you'll gain:

It trains you to become comfortable identifying and setting aside and resolving your own pain points very quickly. This will help you maintain integrity in your life even if you do get triggered.

It requires that you maintain two perspectives, the perspective of your upset emotion and the perspective of well-being at the same time. Holding space for yourself without dissociating is a masterful skill and will reap incredible returns in any upsetting circumstance.

The practice becomes your own by repeating the practices over and over. You will understand the principles in a way that you feel free and safe to follow your intuition, go off script and be innovative while maintaining alignment. Healing becomes integrated into your every day life.

Join in the movement of emotional mastery and inner revolution. Gain your education.

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$1799 investment in an 8 week, live, life changing program

Payment plans available

Graduates from this program have cleared trauma that enabled remarkable growth in major life areas, including:


Kinder Relationships

Enjoy being more in control of your own reactions and shift the entire way your most important relationships play out.

Childhood Wounds

The pain you've been carrying for years finally gets addressed. You feel resolution with mom, dad, or those relationships that were hurtful. Your inner child gains permanent safety.


Break free from "the way it is." The conclusions we make in moments of pain don't have to trap us forever. 

Physical Health


Cultivate an unconditional love and radical acceptance within yourself that changes who you know yourself to be permanently.

Heal the emotional and thought patterns that create pain and disease in your body, that prevent you from caring for your physical form, and practice feeling good, whole and healthy.

Have a clear and on purpose relationship to money freed from social programming, past trauma, and what you think you are allowed to have.

Want to become a practitioner?

This course is a prerequisite to applying to Mindlight Institute, where you'll become masterful at working with your client's full range of emotion.

I love this!! As a man who received SO MUCH from the trauma recovery program, I can vouch that it 100% made me a better lover, partner, facilitator, creator, and human being.

I do a lot of transformational work both as a student and a facilitator... but never has a program so swiftly revealed and then released burdens I didn’t even realize I was carrying.

DO IT! 🔥

- Michael Fenchel - 

Become a leader in your own healing and gain a thorough understanding of how to clear pain and negative patterns.

Enroll today

$1799 investment in an 8 week, live, life changing program

Payment plans available