Become a trauma-informed community

Free practitioner training

This is an introductory training for teams and communities who are interested in learning how to safely work with intense negative emotion and trauma.

Who we've worked with:

Each training is live with a Mindlight trainer, and customized to your group's questions and contexts. 

Watch an Introduction to Trauma Resolution training for the Sexual Health Alliance

- Jean-Pierre Verdijo -

“In just one session I felt a dramatic unloading. The impact of this work has been tremendous in my life as a system of healing, unpacking emotional baggage, and gaining freedom. I could not possibly recommend it more.”

Become a trauma-informed team and community

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Free practitioner training

Training Logistics

  • 90 minute session
  • Class size is limitless
  • Attendees get to fully participate, ask questions, and bring what's real for them

  • Can be online or in person

  • We'll supply you with event copy and assets to share
  • If the training is online, we will send out a recording

Live session demonstration

This training includes a live demonstration of a healing session. We believe seeing the work is the most potent way to know what's possible. We're here to raise the standards of emotional well-being.

- Devyn Harris -

"The more I take these courses, the more everything in my life is just working."

Meet Devyn, a Mindlight Institute graduate

Become a leader in your community by creating a shared understanding and shared education about trauma


Free practitioner training