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About Courses

We offer courses in our 4 focus areas, Resiliency, Power, Connection and Support. All of our trainings include private sessions as well as weekly 90 min classes where you learn to master your emotions internally. 

These trainings transform your relationship to yourself and give you the power to create connections that are fulfilling and easy. 

Sessions with Mindlight practitioners are extremely effective. It is common for traumas that have been stored in your system for decades to release in a single session. 

You can choose to work with a practitioner who has had a minimum of 2 years of training and experience, or our students who have had a minimum of 1 year of training and are completing their mentorship. 

I love this!! As a man who received SO MUCH from the trauma recovery program, I can vouch that it 100% made me a better lover, partner, facilitator, creator, and human being.

I do a lot of transformational work both as a student and a facilitator... but never has a program so swiftly revealed and then released burdens I didn’t even realize I was carrying.

DO IT! 🔥

Michael Frenchel, Boston


“I have so much appreciation for you and how we have worked together to change my life. I know I would never be able to exist the way I am right now - pursuing my craft and fulfillment and happiness fully - without you. I am able to pursue pleasure and satisfaction and learning to live in the present moment as fully as possible. I am able to rise out of spirals of anxiety or anger and look around me”

Carey, New York, NY


Lillian has a quality about her that just brings peace. She helped me get through some tough times and has contributed to my own work as a leader.

Madison, New York, NY


Guiding Principles

Respect. It is an honor to witness the resilient human spirit. You might feel broken but we see your incomprehensible strength. We are experts at trauma recovery but you are the expert of your own experience, this is our guiding light.

Radical honesty. Sometimes the wound has terrible unspeakable things to say. There might be hate or shame in there. Anything you have is a normal reaction to an abnormal situation. When you give it a voice you allow that energy to be used for something else.

Consent is central to the healing process. Consent means an enthusiastic "yes!". Pushing past resistance with willpower creates further divide. We honor resistance as a healthy aspect of survival that can be met with compassion just like every other aspect of trauma.

Go slow. Slow is gentle and gentle is fast. The techniques used here are incredibly fast, so there is no rush. A trauma you have carried for 20 years can be resolved in a single hour. Sometimes it takes a little more. Rushing just has us push against ourselves.

All is well here. The client doesn’t need to be rescued and the practitioner doesn’t need to rescue. We are here mutually inspired by what is possible on the other side of healing.