Mindlight's two year Institute Training will give you the tools to make a profound impact in your client's lives.

Mindlight Practitioners are trained in the art of emotional healing, learning to transform emotional pain into well-being.

Our Signature Process


Witness master practitioners work with clients.


Experience the techniques as a client


Intentional self-applications of the techniques


Facilitate sessions for peers in the program


Facilitate sessions for real clients

You'll walk away with...

A profound understanding of the human psyche.

Personal, mental-emotional hygiene tactics, to keep you from getting burned out. 

How to design successful, result-oriented sessions

A community of practitioners who support your practice, through referrals and peer support. 

Techniques that reliably work to create lasting change for your clients. 

Choose your journey


This is a two year program that will enable you to work with every aspect of the human emotional experience. You will learn to work with resolve trauma, train empowering emotions, support healthy relating through in depth training, experience and mentorship. 

A La Carte Courses

We offer individual classes for existing practitioners who want to excel in a specific area of working with emotions. Choose from classes like Trauma Recovery, Relational Coaching and Human Potential.