Mindlight is an emotional training company offering 1:1 sessions & trainings that enable you to harness and live with your internal sovereignty.

Experience a 1 hour coaching session that enables you to harness and live with your internal sovereignty.

Transforming emotion is the ability to move the energy of emotion into a direction that serves you and those around you.

I love this!! As a man who received SO MUCH from the  trauma recovery program, I can vouch that it 100% made me a better lover, partner, facilitator, creator, and human being.

I do a lot of transformational work both as a student and a facilitator... but never has a program so swiftly revealed and then released burdens I didn’t even realize I was carrying.

DO IT! 🔥

Michael Frenchel, Boston


“I have so much appreciation for you and how we have worked together to change my life. I know I would never be able to exist the way I am right now - pursuing my craft and fulfillment and happiness fully - without you. I am able to pursue pleasure and satisfaction and learning to live in the present moment as fully as possible. I am able to rise out of spirals of anxiety or anger and look around me”

Carey, New York, NY


Lillian has a quality about her that just brings peace. She helped me get through some tough times and has contributed to my own work as a leader.

Madison, New York, NY


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