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Join the movement to create an emotionally thriving world by resolving trauma, reducing anxiety, and releasing depression.

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The Mindlight modality helps you skip the long therapy talks
-- and create profound lasting change --
from even the hardest and most painful situations in life.

Human Potential Practitioner Training

Trauma Integration  Practitioner Training

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Learn the science of facilitating miracles. Become masterful at working with your client's emotions, offering profound results.

ENROLLMENT OPEN: Classes Begin january 2024


Human Potential Training

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of clients who have worked with a Mindlight practitioner say they've resolved a negative emotional pattern.

Join the movement to create an emotionally thriving world by resolving upsetting emotional experiences, and accessing powerful potential.


Do you feel called to help others?
Learn to masterfully work with emotions as a practitioner.

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"I felt a dramatic unloading of what I've been carrying."

"Mindlight saved my life. I stopped having panic attacks."

"The more I take these courses, the more everything in my life is just working."

"This was the missing piece in
my private practice -- and my pregnancy."

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We know that an emotionally thriving world is one that is safe and accessible for black and brown bodied people, for indigenous people, for people with Asian ancestry, for people with different body abilities, safe for transgender people and for people of all sexual orientations and all economic backgrounds and regardless of immigration status. 

For this vision we offer:
Free training for communities of activists and advocates. 
Disaster relief support. 
Scholarships for people of the global majority 
Cultural Mindfulness training for all of our staff and certification students.  

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of people who have worked with Mindlight say they have experienced a miracle through this work. Where something that previously seemed impossible become reality. 


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