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Mindlight sessions are for people with feelings that aren't working for them.

Your emotions can be an incredible asset. You can learn to be happy, to feel love, to feel safe AND that will make a you more attractive and effective person. 

If you are in pain, shame and anger your emotions are undermining you. We know that there are good reasons for how you feel but that doesn't mean you can't heal and feel good again.
That is what we are here for.  

What to expect

Our practitioners use techniques that help the body process emotions. You will share a little bit about the issue you are working on and the practitioner will guide you through practices that have been proven to help resolve negative emotion and memories and cultivate positive emotion. 

Lasting transformation, guaranteed.

We guarantee that you experience a positive and permanent shift in just 1 session. It is not uncommon for people to experience life changing miracles, heal from years of trauma, or find aliveness, passion and clarity that has long been missing. These kinds of results may take a series of sessions or be found in your very first session with us. If you are not satisfied with your experience, let us know within 48 hours and we will issue you a refund.

“I have gone to therapy for many years but this really opened up a whole new way of seeing things for me.”

- Gabrielle Ross -

Booking a session is easy

You can book a Mindlight session at your convenience through our online booking system here

Sessions are 1 hour long and held on zoom

Once you book it, you’ll receive an email confirmation with your zoom link information.

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How to use your sessions:

Resolve a major trauma from a single event

Use your emotional energy to realize a goal or aspiration you strongly desire

Clear developmental trauma from ongoing events

Depending on what you're working with, our practitioners may recommend 4 to 8 sessions to achieve your desired transformation.

Learn to feel great no matter what is going on in your life.  

Transform emotions that are holding you back

Ongoing emotional support and wellbeing

Choose from 3 levels of practitioners


Expert level. 7+ years of training and experience.


2+ years of training and experience.


1 year of training and is completing their mentorship. 




“In just one session I felt a dramatic unloading. The impact of this work has been tremendous in my life as a system of healing, unpacking emotional baggage, and gaining freedom. I could not possibly recommend it more.”

- Jean-Pierre Verdijo -

Wherever you are starting from is welcome.

We want to acknowledge that every single person’s life and life circumstances are different. This in no way changes your capacity to create a transformation. Whatever starting point you are currently at emotionally, physically, or situationally, your path to well-being can start here. It’s an honor to be a part of your path.

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About Mindlight practitioners

Trauma Recovery

The safe and gentle resolution of even the most intense emotional wounds. Trauma happens when a person's response to their circumstance overwhelms their nervous system. 

Human Potential

Aligning the mind, body, and emotions such that you can realize your aspirations. The mind is our direction, the emotions are our fuel, and the body is the vehicle that holds it all and moves us into and out of experiences.  It is through these 3 tools that we can access our potential. 


The function of relationships is transformation. We look at the biological and psycho-spiritual importance of relationships, community and belonging. 

Each student gains 2 years of education and experience before becoming a Professional level practitioner.
The key areas of study at Mindlight Institute:

Our practitioners are trained to work with the full spectrum of human emotion to unlock your infinite creative capacities.

Begin your transformation today.

A note from Co-Founder and CEO Lillian Moore:

"We are so grateful that you are here. We may not have control over how our lives begin, what we endure or what resources we are given out of the gate. We do have a responsibility to make the most of our precious lives even if we have no idea what that looks like. We have a responsibility to care for ourselves, recover and heal. We have a responsibility to become what we want to become, experience deeply, and fulfill on our dreams to the best of our ability. 

Every single human achievement, humanitarian effort, great work of art, social movement, break through of any kind is the result of a person taking responsibility for the miracle of their lives. That is what you are doing by being here. Here you learn to take responsibility for your own inner world and how that will shape the rest of your life and every life you touch. And you will learn to do this with the self compassion and respect you deserve. 

There are no words to describe the great honor it is to be a part of that. We take it very seriously and very joyfully. Thank you for being here, thank you for including us."

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