Practitioner Certification Program

Become masterful at facilitating emotional transmutation

Now Open for Enrollment: Trauma Integration 


Mindlight's two year immersive Practitioner Certification Program gives you the missing link in creating sustained inner transformation within your clients. Become a confident, embodied facilitator of growth, leveraging the full spectrum of human emotion to create miracles.

94% of clients say that they were able to resolve multiple traumas through their work with Mindlight. 

This comprehensive practitioner training
program includes:

Trauma Integration

This class teaches you to quickly and gently resolve trauma, first for yourself and then for your clients. We define trauma as unintegrated survival emotions. This can be caused by extreme events, and also includes emotional patterns that arise from being in a particular family or societal culture. Anything out of alignment with your well-being can be integrated. 

Level 1

In Trauma 1 we focus on teaching simple modalities that demonstrate how trauma is organized in the body and allow you to experience the healing arch. All of our modalities utilize 3 components: acceptance, feeling the wound and moving the energy through the body. 

Level 2

In Trauma 2 our focus turns to what we call managing pace. Integration naturally occurs when we can both be in touch with the unintegrated aspect and stay in well-being. In this class, we are learning to help the client access the heart of the wound but to approach it with incredible sensitivity and skill. This is the art and science of trauma integration. 

Human Potential

This class is an exploration of what is possible for us as humans and specifically what is possible for us to create. In Human Potential we utilize creative potential to slingshot our clients into an expansive state, by learning to surrendering resistance, ground in internal alignment, practice new emotional states, and create on purpose leveraging from a place of infinite potential.

Enrollment for Level 1 is now open! Classes begin on September 4, 2023.

First we focus on alignment: finding agreement within ourselves about our beliefs from the deepest experience of a direct relationship with reality. When our beliefs are in alignment with our direct experience, our values, feelings, and our words and actions, we become coherent energy systems and very powerful.  The next component of this is to practice feeling unconditionally, and then powerfully create.

Level 2

Human Potential 2 is training the practitioner to guide the client through these same 3 steps of aligning, feeling on purpose and the creation process. You learn to listen for alignment, to prioritize and highlight positive feelings to the same level of intensity that most people highlight fear. The most valuable skill you learn in this class is working with resistance, helping the client find the door to their own freedom, when they are screaming no its not possible. 

Level 1


Relational Transformation

In this class, we look at how to use the incredible transformational quality of relationship to heal and inspire. This requires taking ownership of what is playing out and using it to see ourselves more clearly. Instead of getting caught in cycles of complaint of blame, pull the pattern out of the relationship and see the pattern in ourselves. Here we can have our power restored, we can heal and we can create. 

Level 1

When we can take full responsibility for all the we have projected on our relationships, something new becomes available. We are able to actually see the people around us with clear eyes. We can share and listen as communion. 

Level 2

As we step into practitioner development for relational work, we learn to model speaking and listening when we are working with more than one client at a time. You create a context of safety and become a translator from one person’s language of speaking to another person’s language of listening. In this way, the clients can begin to take responsibility, exit the trauma play and enter into the relationship open and creatively. 

Cultural Mindfulness

Cultural mindfulness is an intentional state of being, in thought, speech and action. It recognizes the role colonization plays in how we heal, engage, and learn. Cultural Mindfulness Training is an experience that allows participants to learn, reflect, and connect on what culture means through a decolonized consciousness in the context of being culturally mindful, how we can honor, in a mindful way, our culture and the cultural similarities and differences of others.

Practitioners  will be able to define cultural mindfulness and how to manifest it in thought, speech, and action.

Practitioners  will obtain knowledge of what racialized trauma is and how it naturally induces stress responses in personal and professional spaces and experiences, and ways to to ground people in their body.

Practitioners will gain a sense of how they can utilize mindfulness, to identify, reflect, and eradicate their internal racialized traumas within their professional and personal experiences and spaces.

At Mindlight we consider consent an essential therapeutic component. It is not a way that we manage risk, it is the way we have access to create any level of transformation. It is baked into all of our curricula. We also know that consent goes both ways and that we need to be in alignment with ourselves as practitioners as much as our clients. 

Ethics and Professionalism

Ethics and Professionalism

Similarly we don’t think about professionalism as fitting into the business culture norms of behavior and dress but instead a way that we show respect. We show respect for our clients and the sacred work we are doing through agreements, dress, language, timeliness, preparedness etc. 

This class is to pull out the nuance of running your practice with consent and integrity. Giving guidance and attention to power dynamics, the scope of your practice, and protecting and repairing relationship rapport. 

Four times a year the entire Mindlight Institute student body gathers for a state of the union call with trainers and team members. Students are given the floor to voice their desires for their educational experience, news of upcoming classes and features, and a look into the future vision of Mindlight as the community grows. Town Halls also include a shared personal growth experience facilitated by a trainer.

Town Halls

Students in year 2 of the program, after completing all core curriculum gain access to 8 months of mentorship. 20 mentorship classes are required before a student is graduated, but attendance is limitless, including lifetime access. In this space, senior trainers facilitate 90 minutes of directly answering questions about working with clients, how techniques work, ethics, and more. Students also swap sessions while being witnessed by the trainer and getting valuable feedback to fine tune their skill level


This space is opened twice a week for student practitioners to have a safe space to practice both giving and receiving sessions. You get the opportunity to sit in the nuance of each technique, make mistakes in a consensual learning environment, and discover your style and voice as a practitioner. You also grow in relationship with your fellow students in this environment, building a life long professional network. This space is run and managed by fellow students.

Community Labs

Practice spaces you'll be a part of

Every summer we bring in new content to zero in on the subjects that are the most important, fun and relevant to our student body. These are some of our previous classes:

Elective classes

  • Psychedelic Integration
  • Neurobiology of Trauma
  • Meditation
  • Somatics
  • Building Your Practice

Cultural Mindfulness - 6 weeks
Trauma Integration 2 - 10 weeks
Start to give sessions in community lab

Human Potential 2 - 10 weeks
Relational Work 2 - 6 weeks
Neurobiology of Trauma 2

Weekly Mentorship

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4

Human Potential 1 - 8 weeks
Relational Work 1 - 6 weeks
Ethics and Professionalism  -  4 weeks
Intro to Coaching - 4 weeks 

Semester 1

A look into the student journey

All students begin their learning journey with a Level 1 course. At Mindlight we believe that in order to become a strong practitioner, you must first experience the miracles of the work inside yourself. 

Trauma integration 1


Trauma Integration Level 1
Community Labs

(For those without a private practice)

(Video course)

(20 mentorship classes are required to graduate)


4 semesters of study and practice

A two year commitment to achieve mastery

- Co-founder, Lilllan Moore -

 “This program is the program that I wish I had when I was 18 years old and first starting my private practice. A program that would enable me to hold the whole world of my client and guide them through the most difficult moments into peak experience, from victimhood to awakened creative sovereignty”

Become masterful at healing trauma, guiding inner expansion, and creating miracles in your client's lives.


Program Logistics

  • Classes are 90 minutes via zoom, live with your trainer
  • We have 2 semesters a year
  • Semester 1 Feb-May
  • Semester 2 Mid August-Mid December
  • Electives are offered once a year in June and July
  • Mentorship runs year round with one month off in the summer and one month off in the winter. 
  • Community labs stay open through August and half of December
  • Class times are scheduled with each cohort and stay consistent throughout the program, including mentorship.
  • Class size is 12 people or less

- Devyn Harris -

"The more I take these courses, the more everything in my life is just working."

Meet Devyn, a Mindlight Institute graduate

Personal Responsibility

Nearly a third of the certification is dedicated to our practitioner’s personal work. You receive professional sessions, you work on yourself, and you swap sessions with your peers. We believe that it is your personal transformation that creates a bridge for your client’s transformation. Your familiarity and skill at working within your own energy system gives you the insight needed to be a guide. This also helps to prevent burnout and makes you a safer practitioner. 

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Study and master the art of facilitating emotional transmutation with world class trainers.