We are on a mission to create an emotionally thriving world

Emotions are the most central component to the human experience and yet most of us feel like we have no control over them.

We are here to change that.

We envision a world where people are consciously curating their emotional experience, creating peaceful communion within ones self, and enriching community connection with each other.

Our Core Values

Play for the best life can offer. This inspires the questions: What else is possible? How could it be more joyful, richer, sweeter, more fun? This is one of the drivers of our innovation. To provide more freedom for ourselves. To delight ourselves. To delight in the joy and freedom of others. 

Live the 3 Win rule: It's a win for us, for you, and for the community. If it benefits us, the other participants and the world, we do it. If it doesn't we don't. This is embodied through our commitment to diversity and our deep investment in relationships. It is exemplified every time we do one thing that serves many purposes. 

Commit to awesome outcomes. This is about measurable results. Did we do what we set out to do. Is it measurable. Is life different now as a result of the meeting, the session, the class? And is that difference awe inspiring? We can guarantee because we know how we get what we get. Our results are predictably awe inspiring. 

Be adventurous with the courage to try. We are category creating, our existence is courageous. We are working in unknown territory with courage because we want results that the world doesn't know is possible yet. We have the courage to show up in the uncharted and the courage to recieve the miracles that only come in the unplanned and uncharted. 

Believe in the power of our work and live by its magic. There are founding principles that are central to our curriculum and central to how we run our business. The 5 truths, the map of the human experience, and the skill set that is housed in each quadrant. We practice these as a individuals and as a team. We believe in them so we live by them. 

Our Values


We know that an emotionally thriving world is one that is safe and accessible for black and brown bodied people, for indigenous people, for people with Asian ancestry, for people with different body abilities, safe for transgender people and for people of all sexual orientations and all economic backgrounds and regardless of immigration status. 

For this vision we offer:
Free training for communities of activists and advocates. 
Disaster relief support. 
Scholarships for people of the global majority 
Cultural Mindfulness training for all of our staff and certification students.  

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