What is Emotional Training?

Emotional Training teaches you to be in the driver's seat of your emotions so you can be in the driver's seat of your life.  You can feel happiness, gratitude, love, freedom, inspiration or anything else you want no matter your past, your genetics, or your current circumstances.

When you feel your best you can be your best and have a great life. 

The Map for Emotional Thriving

 If we are capable in these 4 areas then we are emotionally healthy, powerful and fulfilled. These are the 4 areas, healing, creating, connecting and helping.

 Healing is our capacity to recover when we get knocked down. Creating is our capacity to direct our emotional energy on purpose to help us fulfill our vision for our life. Connecting is our capacity to feed and be fed through contact with other people and things. Helping is our capacity to be of service and make a contribution. 

When we have mastery in all 4 quadrants, we thrive. 

Everything is Healable

The Wound

To heal, the walled off aspects of ourselves must be addressed. Just like a physical wound, emotional and psychological wounds need to be tended to, touched on, gently opened up. This is done by bringing the trauma to the surface in very small doses so that you are never overwhelmed.

Friendly Attention

At the same time as we open up the wound, we greet it with kindness. Pushing it away might be our instinct, but when we allow it to be there and allow ourselves to feel whole at the same time, the wound heals. When you can feel wellbeing and the wound you are healing.

The Body

The body is where emotional information is stored. Effective psychological processes can be permanent if they are communicated to the body. This can be done through breath work, movement, touch or acupressure points.

When we experience something that is too much to hold or process in the moment we store it for later. Then in order to move on we create a little wall (or a big wall) around that too muchness. Healing happens when we make space for that walled off part so that we can feel whole again. When we heal often we become resilient. 

Here is how we do it. 

learn how to heal any Wound yourself

We Create From the Inside Out


Most of us have many internal contradictions. We may feel things are true that we know are not true. We may believe things that aren't in sync with our own experience. These internal polarities split our energy and focus, diminishing our capacity to create. To experience our full power we need to create internal agreement. 

Feeling on Purpose

Feelings are like fuel. If we can choose how we want to feel and practice that regardless of circumstances we gain the energy to change circumstances. If you need something to change in order to be happy you may wait a long time but if you can choose to be happy now, it will be much easier to make a change. 

Creation Process

There is a formula that we can use and are already using unconsciously to create circumstances in our life. It is centered around how we focus our mental and emotional energy. Either we focus on what we don't want and invest more deeply in that limiting our capacity to see an opportunity or we focus on what we do want and invest in that, seeing more and more opportunities.

Everything we experience is through the lens of our emotions. That means we are always responding to what we think is happening based on how we feel. This impacts what opportunities we see, what actions we take and what we think is possible. If we can shift the way we feel, we shift the opportunities in front of us, our actions and what is possible. 

Here is how we do it. 

The 5 Truths

These truths create a worldview that aligns with every training and every exercise that Mindlight offers. They are the foundation that holds up all of our teachings.  

1.There is a basic goodness to existence.  It can be seen in anything with enough perspective. It is exemplified in nature, the cosmos, and in our own bodies. It is extended through human kindness and creativity. 

2. We are all connected. Through this ever-present wellbeing we are connected. We the humans, plants, and animals, stones, animate, and inanimate. Our stories and our feelings are all of the same prima materia that is wellbeing, God, Love. 

3. We are Infinitely Powerful. Through connection and alignment with wellbeing we are infinitely powerful. Through our connection to others, our connection to wellbeing--which is deepened through service and goodwill for others--we access more and more capacity to create. 

4. All feelings are beneficial. We experience some things that we like and some that we don’t like. Both of these experiences create expansion within us. We become more of what we are through the experience and integration of polarity. 

5. Our external worlds is given by our inner world. Our internal worlds are an invitation to the external world. Our thoughts and emotions conscious and unconscious write the script, and our life shows up to act it out.