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The Trauma Resolution Audio Course

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Healing your emotional trauma can catapult you into new choices with the freedom, confidence, performance, and joyful living
you’ve been waiting for.

You can drastically reduce your fear and completely resolve the
emotional and mental experiences that have been holding you back
for weeks, months and even years. This course will guide you step by step.

Heal in real time with this guided session.


Here, we are defining trauma as any unintegrated, or unresolved, “negative emotion.” This means trauma is not just caused by an event, but also by beliefs and feelings that have come about in a more complex way. 

Defining trauma.

You can immediately begin resolving the trauma that’s holding you back.

It’s possible to fully heal your trauma and in its place feel peace and compassion. In this audio course, you’ll begin by learning how to create safety in your body, and build an antidote to the emotional loop that’s been running in your system.

From a place of solid internal safety, you’ll be expertly guided to slowly and gently begin to heal inside yourself.


Experience safe, gentle relief. 

In the healing process, you will welcome in and neutralize the part of you that’s been scared, hurt, overwhelmed, or anxious. With each audio track, you’ll move closer and closer to feeling a complete release. Every track comes with a learning audio, as well as a longer, guided healing session that creates a safe journey for your mind and body to release your specific trauma.



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Resolving your personal trauma can be a lot to handle on your own. With the Trauma Resolution audio course, you can let go of having to figure out how to heal, and allow yourself to be guided by a process that is based on 15+ years of practitioner experience including complex PTSD, childhood trauma, sexual trauma, religious trauma, war veteran trauma and health trauma.

Experience a guided healing session with an expert trauma resolution practitioner.

“It is by far the most gratifying work I have ever done from top of my head. It's just so gratifying. It's just such beautiful work. . .  I can heal myself, and I can heal myself within 15 minutes."


Meet a Mindlight student

I love this!! As a man who received SO MUCH from the trauma recovery program, I can vouch that it 100% made me a better lover, partner, facilitator, creator, and human being.

I do a lot of transformational work both as a student and a facilitator... but never has a program so swiftly revealed and then released burdens I didn’t even realize I was carrying.

DO IT! 🔥

Michael Frenchel, Boston

“I have so much appreciation for you and how we have worked together to change my life. I know I would never be able to exist the way I am right now - pursuing my craft and fulfillment and happiness fully - without you. I am able to pursue pleasure and satisfaction and learning to live in the present moment as fully as possible. I am able to rise out of spirals of anxiety or anger and look around me”

Carey, New York, NY

Lillian has a quality about her that just brings peace. She helped me get through some tough times and has contributed to my own work as a leader.

Madison, New York, NY

Listen at your own pace

The full audio course includes 8 healing sessions. You can choose to listen to each track in a full night’s immersion, or you can space out the experience to whatever daily or weekly cadence feels right to you. You can come back to the course and re-listen to any track as you wish. Heal on your own schedule.



You'll be invited to join Mindlight Club for weekly healing

Mindlight Club helps you stay consistent and accountable on your healing journey. In connection, we heal and grow. Once you start the full course, you’ll be invited to join the weekly Mindlight Club community where you practice different techniques for creating new results in your life. 



What’s inside the Trauma Resolution audio course?

Each module of the course begins with a 3-5 minute learning track that explains an aspect of trauma resolution theory, and the guided session to practice it. Every guided healing session is 15 to 20 minutes long. You can listen to each healing track in any order you want depending on the type of trauma and relief you desire.

Class 1: Finding Safety
Experience: Experiencing Existential Comfort

By grounding into an experience of internal safety and well-being, you are able to build a bridge for healing deep emotional wounds. Learn about existential comfort, discover your safe place, and experience strengthening it in your body.

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Class 2: Releasing Resistance
Experience: Meeting feelings with Friendliness

When we resist our feelings of stress, anxiety, anger, or fear, we are unintentionally making them bigger. Releasing resistance is the art of welcoming all the parts of yourself to be heard and felt. Be guided through an experience of how to internally meet your emotions with a kindness that allows emotional release.

Class 3: The 3 Key Components of Healing
Experience: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

In order for healing to take place, we need three key components: the emotional wound, friendly attention towards the wound, and incorporating the body. In this course you’ll learn about an emotional release technique called tapping, or, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Tapping is a potent technique that incorporates all three of the necessary healing components to allow you to release what is stuck. You will be guided through the tapping process.

Class 4: Integrate Your Emotions
Experience: Box technique

Your mind and body is wired to protect you from harm. When a trauma occurs, you develop coping strategies that allow you to continue being high functioning humans, and not constantly relive the undesired event. In this class, you’ll learn how to integrate your own coping strategies, which will help you integrate your trauma gently and safely.

Class 5: Trauma lives in the Body
Experience: Mindful focusing

Trauma is stored in the body. In this class you’ll develop a healing relationship to the experiences your body is having. Where in your body are you feeling your feelings? What is your body doing in reaction to different aspects of your experience? You will practice noticing your body’s behavior, and bringing shifting it into wellbeing.

Class 6: Trauma lives in the Mind
Experience: Story telling technique

Oftentimes, a traumatic experience has multiple layers to it that carry an emotional charge. Through the mind, we can purposefully access individual segments of a trauma so that we gain complete resolution step by step where there is a lot of charged energy. You will use your mind to revisit your past experience moment by moment, and integrate each one to complete resolution. Your subconscious mind is in complete control of which memories to bring up for faster healing.

Class 7: Reclaiming Power
Experience: Matrix Reimprinting

When a trauma occurs, there is an aspect of ourselves that stays in place, energetically looping the same reaction over and over. This energetic loop stays stuck in our energy fields, waiting for the opportunity to play out in hopes of a different outcome. In this class you’ll learn matrix theory, and begin to understand how the energy within you is playing out all around you. You’ll be guided through a session to reclaim your power and create a new energetic and emotional memory. One that you’re excited and relieved to invite in. One that will serve you, and all your future moments.

Class 8: Finding Joy
Experience: Anchoring

We can become practiced at emotions that feel bad, and also those that feel good. Once a trauma is resolved, it's an opportunity to begin practicing a new emotional state. In this way we allow the body to build new neurologic pathways that then have the opportunity to become our default way of being. In this class you’ll learn the theory of anchoring into an emotional state, and be guided to practice accessing joy in your body and making it stronger and stronger, so it is accessible to you at any time in your daily life.

Methodology used in this course

Existential comfort
A technique that creates unconditional safety and grounding for the mind and emotions. This technique is a powerful resource for resilience.

A technique that incorporates acupressure points to communicate to the body that the danger has passed. This technique is highly effective at resolving emotional upset

Mindful Focusing
A technique that releases resistance, and cultivates safety and clarity when bringing up uncomfortable or scary emotions.

Matrix Re-imprinting
A technique that resolves upset in past aspects of ourselves, while creating a more desirable energetic field to support new ways of being.

A technique that uses visualization to create emotional stability and resource for the self healing process.

About Mindlight

Mindlight is an emotional training company, based out of Austin, Texas, with a global team. Our mission is to share the joy of the human experience. We offer training that empowers you to feel how you want to feel through deep alignment in your internal system. In addition to training and courses for you, we offer one on one private sessions with Mindlight practitioners, a 2 year certification program for practitioners to become mental wellness coaches, as well as corporate training.

“I have gone to therapy for many years but this really opened up a whole new way of seeing things for me.”

- Gabrielle Ross -

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is this course?

The course comes with 8 classes. Each class has 1 learning track and 1 experience track. The learning tracks are usually under 5 minutes long, and the experience tracks are 20 minutes or less.

Who wrote this course?

This course is written by a professional Mindlight practitioner with experience working with clients who have suffered from war trauma, childhood trauma, sexual trauma, religious trauma, complex PTSD, health trauma and more.. Mindlight’s curriculum is founded on over 15 years of trauma resolution work.

Is there a refund policy?

If you listen to this course in its entirety, and feel that it was not impactful for you or you were not satisfied with the quality of the content, we will give you a full refund.

How long will it take to resolve my trauma?

Results will vary for each individual. We recommend starting with class 1, and not skipping any tracks. Let each track have a good amount of breathing room. Listen to the learning track, then listen to the experience. If it feels right to you, stay with one module and repeat listening and experiencing multiple times, until you feel ready to progress to the next step. Our trauma resolution strategies are built upon values of being gentle, safe, and effective. Please go at the right pace for your well-being.

How much does the course cost?

The course costs $35.

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"The more I walk in these courses, the more, everything is just working in all of the different aspects of my life."

The Trauma Resolution Audio Course

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