Human Potential

An 18 week course to learn the science of facilitating miracles

Practitioner Training


"This is the most fulfilling work I've ever done"
- Tatyana

This is an emotional training course for leaders, healers and teachers.

The people you serve have huge potential that they have no idea how to access. They have the capacity to create anything in their life and most of what they create is on accident or by default.

In this program you will learn a proven path for creating anything utilizing the power of emotions.

of participants say they experience more joy in their lives.

say they experienced something that was previously impossible becoming a reality.



Learn the process that brings our inner world into a manifested reality. Learn how your thoughts, feelings, and actions, can create the reality you want to live in.


Learn the skill of feeling anything you want to feel -- happy, free, in love, rich -- no matter what is going on around you. Learn to disengage from your circumstances and pivot your emotional state.


Develop a sense of self and a sense of reality that comes from your direct experience, rewriting all previous programming. Feel at home inside yourself, know your values, and create internal cohesion.


Commitment to an internal practice that is immune to external circumstances and emotional triggers.


Learn the 4 disciplines of creating on purpose

You will first learn to embody these practices personally and then learn how to masterfully guide your clients through the same process.

The first 8 weeks are for you

Level 1 Classes are where great practitioners begin.

We believe that in order to faciliate powerful transformations inside others, you must first experience the transformations inside yourself.

That's why all Level 1 trainings are focused on you practicing the emotional work in your own life.

From the perspective of felt experience, your power as a practitioner is deeper and wiser. You have felt the miracles. Your clients and community will feel your confidence, and will stay the course with you longer and with greater results.

This course is a prerequisite to the 1 year Mindlight Practitioner Certification program.


Alignment and the Foundations of Human Potential

In this week you will learn The 5 Truths, the backbone that all of Mindlight’s practitioner training stands on. You will learn what alignment is, how to create it, and how to value it above information from your nervous system. You will also explore Unconditional Beliefs, and discover a deeper level of internal congruence through this journey.


The Creation Process

In this class you learn how to shift from a reactive being to a creative being. We will explore how the Creation Process happens from the inside in, how instead you can sovereignly create from the inside out, and how to divest from futures you have been creating by accident. The step by step process will be revealed through practical steps as well as demonstration.


Gathering Momentum

Emotional energy is a buildable asset like a bank account. Emotions have momentum in the direction they are already going. In this class you will learn how to use your internal faculties to increase the power of your emotional momentum, building energy towards a new possibility.


Creative Tension

Creative tension refers to the internal polarity of simultaneously wanting and not wanting the same outcome, consciously or subconsciously. Intensifying either poll will intensify the opposite poll and create a stronger experience of contrast. This contrast creates a burst of ene


Feeling on Purpose

Feelings can be practiced, trained, and normalized in the body. Feelings make up our perceived experience of reality and the choices we can and cannot see. In this class you will learn how to navigate memorized emotions, how to disengage from feelings that are not in service of your alignment, and how to train new feelings in.


Visioning and The Future Matrix Technique

What the mind sees, the body interprets as real. Understanding your body as a vehicle for experience and action, in this class you will learn to powerfully guide your mind to see the outcomes you most want to experience, and call them forth as real. You will also learn the Future Matrix technique, used to discover your emotional relationship to an imagined future, and gain alignment towards it.


Evidence and Action

What you look for is what you see. This class builds on every class prior, and is the first expression of your internal alignment and practiced emotional momentum going external. You will practice noticing and guiding your observation of the external world in your favor, on purpose, from a place of deep inner congruence, such that it is true and actionable.


Full Course Review

In this class, we make space for landing all of your deeper questions on techniques, theories, and practical applications. This includes additional demonstrations and an open class format with your trainer.

Level 1: Experiencing The Work In Your Own Body


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Graduates from this program have been able to create for themselves:

Unshakable inner fortitude


We have seen students double their income, lose their debt and get into alignment with their finances. We also have seen their wealth expand through beautiful experiences, home upgrades, and spontaneous gifts. 

Health miracles

We have seen students disappear chronic health problems and pain in minutes and achieve physical feats that were previously not possible. 

Outside the construct of race 

Create your identity regardless of any and all identities that have been assigned to you, beyond race, gender, economy, bodily attributes, personal or cultural history. You get to be who you say you are. 

Transformation in the world

Way more love

94% of our students say that they now have more love in their life. We have seen our students find their partners, start families, cultivate community, and create new relationships with people they had in their life for years. 

100% of our students say that the lives of the people around them have improved since they started the program. Many students go on to become brilliant practitioners in addition to that, people have transformed their activism, reoriented to service, and become nicer people to be around. 

Life keeps happening but we see that the HP graduates don’t get knocked down and lose everything they learned. The move through adversity with grace, creativity and start creating again. 

- Adriana Garcia -

"I can love and respect myself no matter what, even in the face of whatever challenge I'm in."

Meet Adriana, a Human Potential graduate

The following 10 weeks are for building next-level facilitation skills

Level 2 Classes are where you learn to lead

Learn to guide others into their human potential through a profound understanding of life and the dance of reality.

That's why all Level 2 trainings are focused on mastering guiding others using the powerful tools and techniques in Level 1 to create new possibilities for your clients

Build a foundation of newfound confidence through weekly demos and practicing your facilitating skills with fellow students.


Alignment and Consent

In Week 1 we look at the relationship between alignment and consent learning to feel for and follow the yes in our client. We learn how to listen for openings, aliveness and work with boundaries that our client’s naturally give us to create expansion inside of a safe container. We begin to practice listening for and guiding our clients into alignment with themselves.


The Creation Process

In this class we review the Creation Process from the seat of the practitioner. The Creation Process becomes an important tool for designing our sessions. We learn to use it to shine a light on how our clients are creating the results and experiences that they currently have. Then we use it to help them reclaim that energy and create on purpose.


Gathering Momentum

In week five we learn how to engage the Creation Process and gather momentum towards desire, using thoughts and focused feeling. We learn how to guide our clients to pick up that momentum by aligning beliefs and practicing feelings that are in the direction of their desire.


Working with Desire

In this class we study and practice working with the dynamic and powerful energy of desire. We learn to help soften our clients attachments, and focus on what it is that they don’t want and help them to focus on what they do want. In this way our clients can benefit from and enjoy their desire.


Guiding Feelings

In this class we discuss and feel into the nature of emotions, how they move with ease and what inevitably will create resistance. We learn and begin to practice how to guide our clients emotional states and how to train our clients in feeling how they want to feel.


Working with Action

In this class we learn how to guide our clients to take action that gives power to what they are creating. We help our clients to separate themselves from result dependent action and instead act from the alignment that they have created. We learn to teach them to continue generating from the inside out even when they are focused on doing.


Working with Evidence

In this class we learn how to help the client engage with their circumstances in a way that supports them. We learn to help them see opportunities, evidence of their goodness and success and to turn down the volume on the circumstances that disempower them. We learn how to use our clients observations as a tool to see where they really are internally.


Full Course Review

Level 2: Learn To Facilitate For Others

In these classes, we make space for landing all of your deeper questions on techniques, theories, and practical applications. This includes additional demonstrations and an open class format with your trainer.

"What convinced me to do this work with Mindlight is that they make sure you can do this; that you are adept at these tools - it’s not anything like traditional online courses. With Human Potential, I guide my clients to dig into their deepest truths and reveal authenticity; what springs forth is the knowing that they are actually part of the possibilities in the world. Not separate from achieving them."

Keeley Shoup

Cuddle Therapist, Chicago Cuddle Therapy and Boudaries & Consent Educator

Professionally, practitioners in this program have experienced:

Raising their rates

Increased number of clients

We have seen students receive an overflow of new clients into their practice. Human Potential training gives professionals a competitive edge in the market.

Having fun in sessions

The confidence you have after completing this program allows you to bring an uplifting energy into your work knowing that you will provide a major positive shift for your client.

Higher paying clients

Human Potential training creates facilitators who get remarkable results. Our graduates go on to become leaders in their industries resulting in a flow of higher paying clients.

Less burnout

Ease and confidence in sessions

This training gives you the tools and embodiment to be able to skillfully handle any situation with a client. Your work becomes easier because you know you can face any situation and facilitate new results.

With the practitioner techniques taught in Human Potential, you learn to facilitate for others while maintaining emotional and mental wellbeing without taking on the emotions of the people you serve.

With this mastery of new skills to accelerate results for their clients, Human Potential graduates have been able to confidently raise their rates and increase their income.

Experiential learning through personal practice

A lot of practitioner training programs focus on theory and scripts. Our programs are designed for you to get these skills into your bones through a profoundly immersive experience

Witness others transform

When we witness other people experience transformation, our body mimics and mirrors that. Our nervous system claims that transformation as our own. This give you a roadmap to follow into the life you most want to create.

One on one sessions

You will first receive and then give one on one sessions. Receiving sessions gives you the opportunity to shift things for yourself. Giving sessions gives you the opportunity and permission to practice, fumble and master these techniques.

Personal practice

Our process is systemic and reproducible at the same time it is completely personal to you. You will find how to interpret the lessons in a way that will land for your system and gain the skill to translate these principles to your clients regardless of their personal belief systems.

Not your average online training:

Human Potential For Practitioners 

What To Expect & Curriculum

In 18 weeks, Practitioners learn how to psychologically and somatically gain access to limitless human potential through a profound understanding of alignment, emotions, the Creation Process, and the dance of reality.


Payment plans available
Scholarships available for the BIPOC community

Weekly live 90-minute Zoom classes with exclusive processes and tools, and an intimate class size of 12 students or less.

Includes 18+ hours of group and 1-on-1 focused classwork including:

Lifetime access to an online portal with class documents, notes, and resources that are in PDF format so they are easy to download and save.

12 Community Lab sessions where you get to receive and witness more 1:1 sessions with senior Mindlight students.

Inclusion and peer support in our community of diverse Practitioners, from a wide range of backgrounds.  

18 Weeks

Weekly lessons with expert practitioners including technique demonstrations in every class

Intimate Classes

Get direct attention each week in small cohort live Zoom classes

Receive and Give Sessions

Receive sessions to experience expansion in your own mind and body. Then learn how to facilitate miracles for others.

Meet Your Trainers

Lillian Moore

Mindlight Co-founder and Director, Apprentice Mastery Trainer

Cat Gelinas

Mindlight Trainer, Trauma Resolution, Subconscious Change, & Creation Consciousness Facilitator

A breakthrough program for accessing limitless states

Leveraging your emotional system as a tool for creation.

Rooted in brain science

Consistent with all of our work, Mindlight’s Human Potential training begins with you. Rooted in brain science, we begin each Practitioner class with an in-depth exploration of one’s own created reality.

Experience the techniques
in your own body

We transcend this experience with integrated philosophy and techniques to help practitioners learn first-hand how to transmute their own emotions and transform their orientation to any life context to be as they wish.

Learn & practice the Creation Process

 Learn and practice the Creation Process and open paths to effortless action that align all the way through. Learn to generate feeling on purpose vs. circumstantially, understanding how to disengage from limiting emotional states.

"This was the missing piece in
my private practice -- and my pregnancy."