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What is Mindlight Club?

Mindlight Club is a weekly class that will teach you how to get permanent relief from even the most stubborn traumas, relationship patterns and repetitive situations .

If you’re constantly working on yourself, spending tons of money, and still haven’t gotten to the other side of your emotional breakthrough – it’s not your fault.

Most people aren't taught how to fully release a negative pattern, painful memory or bad habit. There is a science behind healing and this is the place to learn it.

In Mindlight Club, you’ll learn techniques that will get you to the core of any emotional issue and permanently release it, for good.  

When you change, everything around you changes.

Your emotions are at the root of everything you experience and create in your reality, and Mindlight Club is a place to create and experience more of what you want in every area of your life

I love this!! As a man who received SO MUCH from Mindlight, I can vouch that it 100% made me a better lover, partner, facilitator, creator, and human being.

I do a lot of transformational work both as a student and a facilitator... but never has a program so swiftly revealed and then released burdens I didn’t even realize I was carrying.

DO IT! 🔥

Michael Frenchel, Boston


“I have so much appreciation for Mindlight... I know I would never be able to exist the way I am right now - pursuing my craft and fulfillment and happiness fully - without this. I am able to pursue pleasure and satisfaction and learning to live in the present moment as fully as possible. I am able to rise out of spirals of anxiety or anger and look around me”

Carey, New York, NY


I have gone to therapy for many years but this really opened up a whole new way of seeing things for me.

Gabrielle Ross


How does Mindlight Club work?

Mindlight Club is a high impact, high touch community.
It’s not just lectures and observation, you experience your own breakthroughs in real time every week. You get:

Core Mindlight Healing Techniques

Live 1:1 demos of techniques

Bonus Trauma Audio Course + Happiness Training

Live Coaching with Q & A

Breakout rooms for your personal breakthroughs

When You Join Mindlight Club, You'll...

🚀 Skyrocket your confidence and joy

No more being the victim of your life story. Walk through life knowing you’ve got total control over your energy and emotions. Mindlight Club is your weekly upward spiral.

🫂 Gain your own personal support team

Say goodbye to quietly struggling on your own. This is your weekly space to heal your trauma and transform your life with the help of Mindlight's expert practitioners.

🧘 Dissolve painful memories, unhealthy habits, and toxic relationships

No more repeating the same uncomfortable situations and disappointing relationships. You’ll learn how to create chef’s kiss satisfaction in every area of your life.

✅ Accomplish goals that once seemed impossible

Difficult conversations? Easy. Healthy relationships? Your new standard. Access the inner power you need to make big changes in your life every single week.

Is Mindlight Club right for me?

Mindlight Club is for coaches, healers, parents, partners and anyone in between who wants to finally break free from the past and create a new reality.

bottom line

If you’re ready to heal your trauma, feel more joy, and create more of the results you want on a weekly basis – Mindlight Club is for you.

Can I see Mindlight reviews from past customers?

YES! Ready to see what's possible for you? Check out results Mindlight students have created using techniques taught in Mindlight Club.

YES! Ready to see what's possible for you? Check out results Mindlight students have created since using techniques taught in Mindlight Club.

Can I see Mindlight reviews from past customers?


Who teaches Mindlight Club?

Mindlight Club is led by Cat Gelinas.

She’s a certified practitioner and trainer at Mindlight and has been in the personal development and emotional healing world since 2001.

After spending a decade in personal growth and realizing that it didn’t get to the root of trauma, she pivoted into trying various other modalities. While she noticed some decent results here and there, she was committed to getting really consistent, tangible results more quickly and effectively.

Here, at Mindlight, she’s found them.

Now, she consistently gets the kinds of deep, lasting results in her own experience as well as her clients, that she’s been searching for her whole life.

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Who we've worked with:

"Yes! I'm ready to consistently create new results in my life!"

Mindlight Club is held each Thursday at 4pm CST.
The subscription is $65 per month.

Only 20 seats are available to guarantee you experience breakthroughs and personalized support each week.

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