Cat Gelinas

Who I am and my beliefs

I believe we’re all connected to each other and an infinite wisdom. I believe we all have the potential to live healthy, fulfilled, and loving lives aligned with joy and our highest potential. I’m here to compassionately serve and unconditionally love all those who cross my path. I’m here to support growth, healing, and evolution through healing work, teaching, and presence.

Education & training

Since 2017, I’ve had a private practice working with people in healing emotional triggers, inherited ancestral trauma, shadow work, adult ego development, and developmental trauma. I was mentored by Mindlight’s co-founder Lillian Moore and was certified in their 2 yr Practitioner Program.

What Cat does

She has brought deep emotional healing and transformational shifts over the last 6 years working with private clients. She co-founded and taught a Developmental Coaching program at Yugen Institute for 3yrs, Circling Facilitation at the Connection Institute for 2yrs, Family Constellation Workshops, and now teaches Human Potential 1 at Mindlight Institute.

Interested in studying at Mindlight Institute? 


I’ve taken personal and spiritual growth trainings since 2002. From meditation intensives, relationship courses, authentic relating trainings to other transformative teachings of how to human and thrive. It’s my lifelong passion and purpose to share my learnings in emotional mastery and creation consciousness. In the earlier chapters of my life, I was an SAT prep teacher and software engineer in NYC.