Lillian Moore

Who I am and my beliefs

I believe that we have barely scratched the surface of what we are capable of creating as humans. That our minds and emotions are infinitely powerful. I believe that what we have in our world today is mostly created by accident as a trauma response. I know from a lifetime of experience that these traumas individually and collectively can be healed and that when we heal we are wildly creative and powerful. 

Education & training

Lillian Moore has been studying healing the psyche since she was a child. She received her 1st degree in Reiki at 9 and has been studying with different healers and teachers her entire life from vedic teachers to indigenous teachers of the americas to modern positive psychology. She holds a bachelor of arts in Alternatives to Psychotherapy, and is EFT certified but most of her training has been through deep personal study and mentorship.

What Lilian does

Lillian is has developed the foundational curriculum that Mindlight teaches and has been creating programs that transform people’s inner worlds for 18 years. She has trained thousands of people in practices to gain mastery over their emotions. In her private practice she has seen people resolve PTSD, bipolar and manic depression, episodic psychosis, panic attacks, suicidal ideation, and depression. She has supported clients in finding alignment in the jobs, relationships, spiritual practices and with their finances. She is currently publishing her first book on working with the psyche “Treasure Hunting in the Underworld.”

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