The Ultimate Course to Learn How to Heal Emotional Wounds and Patterns, So You Can Move Forward With Your Life in JOY

Everything Is Healable

What is Mindlight's Everything is Healable?

This is a profound yet simple online training course that shows you how to resolve absolutely any kind of emotional wound, pattern, or obstacle. 

Knowing how to deal with your own negative emotions is an essential life skill. You could spend your life (and life savings) looking for the perfect coach, healer, or therapist, or you can become your own, highly skilled, on-call emotional support. 

Whether you are carrying pain from your childhood,  big T trauma(s), or you just want to learn to be a more positive person, Everything is Healable will teach you how. There is no wallowing or suppressing how you really feel involved. Instead, there is radical healing, change, and tools you can use for a lifetime. 

of participants say they experience more joy in their lives.

say they experienced something that was previously impossible becoming a reality.



Knowing how to deal with your own negative emotions is an essential life skill.

Trauma Resolution Audio: Short, guided trainings and meditations to safely approach and resolve trauma and move forward with your life. ($35 value)

Neurobiology of Trauma: A class to understand the biological impact of trauma and how to use that for your own healing. ($637 value)

Trauma Integration 1: Recorded live classes where you can see our incredible trainers use the same techniques you learn in Everything is Healable to create transformational experience with our students. ($1799 value)


Foundational training on how emotions work so that you can troubleshoot yourself. 

Powerful Healing Exercises to heal the specific kind of emotions you are experiencing

Step-by-step training that teaches you the exact techniques you need to work with your own emotions. 

How does Everything is Healable work?

I know that you're here to create a beautiful life and I want you to be free of all internal obstacles that stand in your way. Internal obstacles show up when we have internal disagreements--when you want something but it feels dangerous to pursue that thing. When our survival instincts are out of synch with our whole self. Like a dog that is scared of the mailbox, our emotional obstacles don't always make logical sense, but there is always a way to be free of them. Everything is Healable will teach you how. 

Internal Obstacles

We pick up negative emotional patterns come from many sources. Sometimes they are taught to us by an important person in our lives, or our culture, or the media. Other times they are skills that helped us survive difficult or dangerous times in our lives. In Everything is Healable I will teach you to find and deconstruct the negative patterns and replace them with intentional, helpful emotional patterns that help you in your life. 

Negative Patterns

Emotional wounds can be caused by traumatic events and difficult periods in our lives. These experiences can feel like a physical wound with physical pain, and can carry with them difficult narratives and stories. You may feel totally fine until something reminds you of that wound. I want you to know that you can safely and completely heal those moments of your life so they stop hurting you.  

Emotional Wounds

Everything is Healable will teach you how to free yourself from...


"I felt a dramatic unloading of what I've been carrying."

"Mindlight saved my life. I stopped having panic attacks."

Learn the life-changing techniques used in Mindlight healing sessions:

What you really want is someone to hold your hand through your process. We get it!  For one-on-one support, Click Here.

You aren't ready to feel better. That is completely valid BTW!

You don't want to take responsibility for your emotions. We have all been there too. 

This Isn't For You If...

If you have emotional pain or patterns that you don't know how to deal with AND you want to feel freer, happier, and more powerful, then YES, this program is for you. 

Whether you are just starting to learn about your emotions or you are a professional in the mental/emotional health space for decades this course will give you powerful techniques you can use immediately. Regardless of your current stage of healing, you will increase your capacity to liberate yourself from emotional traps and move forward in your life. 

Is Everything is Healable for me?




early bird special

Start releasing old patterns with Everything is Healable now! 

Money back guarantee

You have 24 hours to get a feel for the program and ask for a refund. If you complete the program and you didn't get the promised results, you will need to show that each assignment was completed before you are eligible for a refund.  

VALUE: $35

8 short classes and 8 guided meditations designed to guide your healing, using methods that are safe and proven. All you have to do is listen and allow. You will get a toolbox of techniques to go to whenever you need rapid emotional healing and alignment.

Exclusive bonus COURSE

Trauma Resolution Audio Course

VALUE: $637

Discover the basics of how trauma affects the brain along with multiple systems within the body, as well as how this relates to a client's lived experience. This program takes your personal healing as well as your mastery as a professional coach, healer or therapist to the next level.

Exclusive bonus PROGRAM

Neurobiology of Trauma

When you buy the course, you'll also get these BONUSES: 

Lillian Moore has been studying healing the psyche since she was a child. She received her 1st degree in Reiki at 9 and has been studying with different healers and teachers her entire life from vedic teachers to indigenous teachers of the americas to modern positive psychology. She holds a bachelor of arts in Alternatives to Psychotherapy, and is EFT certified but most of her training has been through deep personal study and mentorship.

Lillian is has developed the foundational curriculum that Mindlight teaches and has been creating programs that transform people’s inner worlds for 18 years. She has trained thousands of people in practices to gain mastery over their emotions.

Lillian Moore

Meet Your Everything is Healable Teachers

Tatiana Forero Puerta

Tatiana has been an educator for 18 years, and worked with trauma-informed somatic practices for over a decade. Tatiana has dedicated a large portion of her career to working with underrepresented youth, advocating for Yoga, Mindfulness, and Tapping interventions instead of detention, and working with educators and administrators across the NYC Tri-state area on developing mindfulness-based programs. Tatiana also works in the arena of chronic pain, and taught Yoga and Mindfulness for Cancer at Sloan Kettering Cancer Hospital. Tatiana is deeply passionate about healing, and is honored to have witnessed her clients’ beautiful healing journeys.

A survivor of Traumatic Brain Injury herself, Tatiana is in awe of all those who choose to walk the beautiful and humbling path of healing and self-discovery, where she believes much magic can be found.

Accelerate your emotional healing journey with the Everything Is Healable plan that is right for you.




2 monthly payments of



One payment of




We acknowledge that people taking this course will be coming from all different backgrounds, walks of life, circumstances, and perspectives. While we all come from a unique world, with a unique set of experiences and starting places, we all share the same incredible capacity to heal.

Inclusion and Your Unique Journey

If you don't have the funds for the course, but are longing to go on this healing journey, email us at 

“I have gone to therapy for many years but this really opened up a whole new way of seeing things for me.”

- Gabrielle Ross -

start healing today

How long is this course?

The course comes with 8 modules that are delivered weekly. Each module takes about 45 mins to complete, however if you want to go deeper, there are over 15 hours of additional videos and bonus content you can complete at your own pace.

What are your qualifications?

Both Tatiana and Lillian learned to work with emotions the honest way, through personal experience first. They are both survivors of trauma, have gone through countless professional trainings, and have a combined 35 years of experience working with clients and training practitioners. 

Is there a refund policy?

You have 24 hours to try before you buy. If its not a good fit, we will send you a refund. After that, if you want a refund you will have to show that you completed all 8 modules and the exercises to qualify for a refund. 

How long will it take to resolve my issue?

We have seen people permanently resolve a traumatic experience with just one of our many techniques in a matter of minutes. Other times it may take a little more practice and some patience. We promise that you will feel results within the 8 week program or your money back. 

Frequently Asked Questions