Human Potential  Training

Learn to guide others into their human potential through a profound understanding
of life and the dance of reality.

What to Expect

Unveil for yourself the nature of reality that is beyond words or intellectual understanding.

Learn to commune with Existence, yourSelf and Others through direct experience bypassing perception and belief.

Create a relationship with life founded in love, trust, appreciation and enthusiasm.

Learn to disengage resistance and allow good things to come to you.

Learn to transform any emotional energy into a resource, even anger or fear.

Develop your creative and generative powers through visioning and embodiment.

This training is designed for

Anyone who wants to catalyze a glorious and creative human experience, and be an agent of change, freedom and connection.

The Program

Part One (Personal Work)

Week 1 - The 5 truths, and how we create our reality through thoughts feelings and actions.

Week 2 - Surrender, learning to lean into your inherent trust in wellbeing. 

Week 3 -Personal Compass, defining who you are and your relationship with life on your own terms. 

Week 4 - Selective Observation, feeding your foundational beliefs with the external world. 

The Foundation of Creating Reality

Part Two (Personal Work)

Week 1 - Creating a new relationship to desire. From Lack to inspiration, clarity and enthusiasm. 

Week 2 - Harnessing the energy from less desirable circumstances to create positive emotion and awesome circumstances. 

Week 3 - Practicing emotional states. appreciation, emotional currency and investments

Week 4 - Integration and Review

Transmuting Emotion and Transforming Reality

Part Three (Practitioner Work)

Week 1 - Reviewing the 5 truths, Guidelines for working with other's beliefs.

Week 2 - Creating Joyful Context, setting up sessions to be productive and fun, insignificant and profound. 

Week 3 - Truthful vs Useful, how to hold the highest vibration without putting off your clients. 

Week 4 - Establishing your clients personal compass, creating the foundation of clarity and wellbeing. 

Foundation for Working with Clients

Part Four (Practitioner Work)

Week 1 - Listening for desire, what lights them up, and their path of least resistance. 

Week 2 - Transmuting and pivoting, guiding your clients from "bad" feelings to positive ones. 

Week 3 - Stabilizing good feelings through visualization, words and actions. 

Week 4 - Integration and Review

Creating new possibilities for your clients. 


Meet via zoom 90 mins/ week

Class size 6 people or less.

Up to 4 private sessions included in training.

Private FB group for answering questions and discussion between calls.

Email and text support between classes.

Life time access to all trainings.

Ongoing graduate support