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How can you make family drama completely disappear? It starts with arming yourself with the necessary tools for emotional resilience and growth. t all begins with a radical shift in perspective-

How to Deal With Toxic Family Drama

Projection is actually a way that we hide ourselves in other people. When we resist these parts or aspects of ourselves we will often conjure people in our lives that represent them.

Projection and Emotional Patterns

How can you be happy while being surrounded by people who are unhappy? How can you be happy in your relationships regardless of how the people around you act or behave?

Finding Happiness In Your Relationships

The new year often comes with feelings of regret and pressure. Are you allowed to set new goals when you didn’t hit the last ones? Do you have to gain some great wisdom from what you lived?

The First Step To Complete The Year

Trauma This term has gained widespread usage in modern language. Here are 2 ways to define trauma: Trauma can be Identified  as an event, set of events, memory, or set of memories, idea, set of ideas, or context that brings pain to think about. Healing a trauma can relieve this pain and unveil a world […]

What is Trauma?

Have you ever heard someone say, “Well, just surrender to it and trust the process,” and wonder what they meant? At Mindlight we have a beautiful definition of surrender that lands in an easy to understand emotional practice. Easy to understand, yes – to practice? Well, the best way to make it feel easy is […]

What Surrender is and How to Practice it

My mind offers me constant reminders of my absolute best badass life. It’s sometimes like a dreamy visioning session that feels like a warm blanket, and sometimes I’m in the deep experience of not having what I want and it’s terrible and disempowering. What’s interesting here is that, either way, I am focusing on it. […]

Claiming Your Extraordinary Life

I ran my first experiment in making money by shifting my emotions 12 years ago. I was on food stamps with twins and barely making it month to month. I listened to the Abraham Hicks money meditation a couple of times a week.  I did my best to breathe through my money fears and not […]

7 Practices To Bring in Wealth 

thumbnail 7 Practices to Bring in Wealth

For the third day in a row, I notice that it’s 2 a.m., and I’m still working. There have been no breaks for exercise or time outside. While it may look as though I’ve adopted a certain pattern of behavior, what actually is happening is that I’ve defaulted into a pattern of Being.  I have […]

Breaking Patterns

breaking patterns thumbnail

Freeing yourself from the past can be one of the most rewarding endeavors you choose in your life. The same amount of pain and upset that you feel about an experience is an indicator of the amount of wisdom, freedom, and expansion that awaits you on the other side. This is because, when fully healed, […]

5 Steps To Free Yourself From The Past

thumbnail 5 steps to free yourself from the past

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